Crafting a Tour

Crafting a Tour at the Channel Islands Maritime Museum

There is no script for CIMMVC floor tours. Why?
 The tour guide’s personality brings the tour to life
 The tour guide features items from the collection which interests the guide
 The tour guide’s passion for the collection keeps the visitors interested
While crafting a tour, there are four points to take into account
 Get the visitor’s attention
 Tell them what you are going to tell them; prepare them to receive information
 Tell them; take them on the tour
 Tell them what you told them; summarize and close the tour
Get their attention
 Introduce yourself; personalize the tour; you become the Museum in their eyes
 Check for hearing aids, mobility problems, age, language problems, children
 Do they have a time limit? Tell them the tour will take about 45 minutes
Tell them what you are going to tell them
 Prepare them to receive information
 Give them a one minute overview of what the Museum has to offer
Tell them
 Take them on the tour
 Pick three artifacts in each gallery that interest you
 Tell them something interesting about each
Tell them what you told them
 End the tour back at the front desk
 Recap the four galleries; what did they find most interesting?
 Thank them for their interest
 Invite them to go back and review anything that caught their interest
 If they must leave, invite them to return, because the tour will be different with a different guide